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Paula is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Author, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Teacher, TV Personality and Mother. Beneath her unassuming beauty, lies a gentle and girlish charm. In talking with her it becomes apparent that she understands, shes been there, and she knows how to get out! Her story is one of tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity. She has been called a Phoenix, having risen up from the ashes of tumultuous early years to dedicate her life to pulling others out of their circumstances so that they can focus in on Gods unique plan of destiny for their lives.
Today, Paula White is an inspiration to millions around the world who seek Gods love. She hosts an international television program, spearheads humanitarian efforts worldwide, all while traveling the world fulfilling her mission and call to Transform Lives, Heal Hearts and Win Souls

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Paula White - Bio

Paula White was raised in the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi. Until the age of 5, her life was what most people would consider typical, including a loving family and stable home life. But at the age of five Paula's little world was thrown into a tailspin when her father committed suicide. The sudden loss of her father affected her entire family. While various members of the household tried to cope with the grief and loss, Paula's cries for love were muffled by sexual and physical abuse from the ages of 6 to 13.

At the age of eighteen, Paula was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shortly after Paula surrendered her life to the Lord, she received a divine visitation in which God gave her a vision of multitudes of millions of people as far as her eyes could see. In the vision, every time she opened her mouth and began to declare the Word of the Lord, there was a visible manifestation of the power of God – souls were saved, the sick were healed, and the broken were restored. Conversely, when she was silent, people began to fall into utter darkness. In her finite mind she could not adequately quantify or enumerate the sea of humanity that she saw...but, since that time, Paula has kept the goal of 10 million souls to remind her of the awesome responsibility -- yet achievable mission -- of winning multiple souls for Christ.

Shortly after receiving this life-changing 'mission from God', Paula began ministering in the inner cities of the Washington, DC area. By the early nineties she was in post-riot Los Angeles, teaching Jesus to children whose neighborhoods had been hardest hit by violence. And by the mid-nineties Paula had joined in her husband Randy's call from God to journey to Tampa, Florida to begin Without Walls International Church – a ministry that has gone on to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of those in-need.

From there, the evolution of Paula White Ministries has included hundreds of large-scale outreaches to the needy and lost -- supporting orphanages, and massive global missions outreaches. Paula's journey -- from a troubled past, to experiencing the abundant life of a true overcomer -- motivates her to touch people...people who, like herself, have found themselves without hope.


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Heli Tad said...

Dear Paula,

I recently saw you on sky angel after a long haitus from watching christian television. You really look good and in fact I was finding it difficult to follow the sermon, you looked so good. Your preaching also seemed to have improved a lot as it reached into the issues of redemption in a much deeper way than just certain positive messages of gain and prosperity which abound on these venues. I congratulate you on that. As you well know and very eloquently put a few Sundays ago, Jesus should be our main message not the things that He gives us. You are certainly a very gifted communicator and nobody wants to see you crash and burn like so many ministries before, kudos on getting the nose of you plane set to the right altitude.

On an different note, I think that, by wearing the high hilled shoes and trendy clothes, you mean to attract the younger crowds who desperately need Jesus and so I(we) have also been able to accept this as you method of evengelism. I hope The Lord heals your heart of the recent dissapointments and keeps using you in tremendeous ways as he has before. I trust He will do that, as you are talented and apparentely genuinely love him.

I will pray for you that you can withstand the immense pressures of being under the scrutiny of the public while going through issues common to most of us. I pray God will take you through to the otherside of your Jordan and make you shine brighter and give you a testimony that this generation can't ignore. People like me can live in a basment somewhere and make comments and judge as we ourselves don't have the kinds of pressures that you must be feeling.